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Available 24/7/365, this is a FREE* service offered for your personal banking needs.

By using Internet Banking, you may:

  • — Easily track your spending habits with our Spending Report chart
  • — Monitor your account balances
  • — Confirm your direct deposit has posted
  • — View your interest rates and maturity dates
  • — View transaction history
  • — View and print check images (these images are accepted as legal proof of payment)
  • — Express transfers of funds between UMWSB accounts
  • — Schedule recurring or future dated transfers of funds between accounts
  • — Make a UMWSB loan payment from your UMWSB deposit account
  • — Stop payment on a check (fees may apply)
  • — Receive an e-Alert when you reach a certain balance, receive a deposit, or a specific check clears
  • — View current year and previous year interest totals
  • — Setup account nicknames (i.e./ Gift Account, Housing Expenses, Vacation Savings,…)

You may also utilize our online Bill Pay feature to:

  • — Manage all of your bills from one convenient location
  • — Schedule one-time, future, &/or recurring automatic payments
  • — View eBills directly from our Bill Pay site (dependent on biller participation)
  • — View payment history
  • — Use Popmoney to pay friends and family by text message or email address (fees may apply)

Internet Banking is safe and secure to use. We verify you each time you login by:

  • Confirming the Access ID and Password you have entered are correct
  • — Confirming the device you are using is recognized by our system or you may be asked additional challenge questions or be required to verify your registered email address
  • — Confirming your geographical location isn’t different from normal or you may be asked either a challenge question or to verify your registered email address
  • — Using an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate, commonly referred to as the “green address bar”. This is an added layer of security that turns the web browser’s address bar green when you access UMWSB’s Internet Banking site. (The EV certificate also displays the name of the websites legitimate owner – Fiserv, Inc. – which is our Internet Banking service provider.)

* Free except where indicated above or within Internet Banking.

Please Note:  Effective June 5, 2014, we will discontinue using the Image and Passphrase security features during the Internet Banking login process. These features have been replaced with those mentioned above. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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