Additional Banking Services

We are pleased to offer our customers these additional services to simplify your banking needs. Whether you’re looking for ways to save time or money, we want to provide you options to do so. 
For more information, contact your Local Branch.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Available at some branches, we rent Safe Deposit Boxes in various sizes for an annual fee. Box sizes, fees, and availability may vary by branch.

Balance Protection Program

The Balance Protection Program is a FREE service that allows you to protect your checking account from overdrafts and returned checks or electronic payments. If you make an error and your checking account becomes overdrawn, funds will be automatically transferred from your savings account to cover the overdraft amount. This ensures that items presented for payment against your checking account are not returned and you avoid the $25 per item NSF or Overdraft Fee. To enroll, visit your local branch and complete the Balance Protection Program form.

Automatic Transfers

Automatic Transfers are a good way to schedule recurring payments for your loan at our bank. They’re also a great way to easily move funds into a savings account for future goals, transfer allowance to your kid’s savings account, or transfer CD interest credits into another account. Ask your local branch for more information on this valuable service.

Tip: You may also establish and have full control over certain types of Automatic Transfers using our Online Banking service.

Combined Statements

Would you prefer to receive a single monthly statement for all of your depository accounts instead of individual mailings? We thought so! That’s why we’ve added the Combined Statements service. You may choose to include all of your checking and savings accounts or only certain accounts on a Combined Statement. Another advantage to receiving a Combined Statement is that we can provide balances of your Certificates of Deposit accounts and/or Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) at the end. These balances are current as of the cutoff date for the statement they appear on.

Re-order Checks

Save time by placing check re-orders online.

Click Here to Re-order Checks

Check printing charges apply to re-orders placed online and will be automatically deducted from the checking account.

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